Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introducing our Ministry

The Ministry was started by Dr Gardiner Gentry, who is now the Founder and Director of the Mission. He came early in February 1999 when he was visiting Malawi, Africa with a certain Missionary and God touched his heart for the first time to see many people got saved at one time and he also saw that many Malawians were hungry for the word of God. He rented a truck to go to different areas to preach and many people were saved and tracks were distributed everywhere to the people of Malawi. At that time God really called Dr Gentry, to come to Malawi Africa, he loved the poor people here, in town and in villages and people also loved him very much. He said to me at night when I was watching night duty at a certain Missionary property “I want to see”
1- Many souls saved
2- Many churches
3- Bible colleges and Youth Campus
4- Children’s Homes
God has been so faithful to him and his vision from God is now manifested, he has worked very hard and I want to thank the Almighty God also to call Pastors in the States, the Evangelist from the States and good Christian workers, for their sacrifice themselves to God in
1- Prayers
2- Financial giving
3- Generous gifts for churches and orphans.

But at first it was very hard for the people in the States to believe that Malawians are hungry for the word of God, when Dr Gentry came first he believed and confirmed, that is why he came in 1999 after he heard someone. But now many people from the States have come to confirm the work God is doing through Dr Gentry. I also thank my fellow Malawians for working so hard to lift up Jesus Christ here in Malawi, Africa.

We thank God for being in our side to plant churches in different areas, and right now we have 423 churches and we have reached thousands and thousands souls saved in the past years and many were baptized. Each week, we have been going out to win souls and plant churches by our groups. Some of these churches are holding over a thousand of members. To build a church can cost $ 2,500. Our National Pastors come to the colleges to learn the Bible how they can go through in church Administration and Baptist doctrine, winning souls, baptizing the believers as Baptist believers.
We have trained many National Pastors and Christian workers, the Evangelist and other people who were eager to learn the word of God and now they are doing much fine even though they didn't have much education from school.
We have a team that goes out to win souls and they do show the Jesus film where by thousands and thousands of people are saved.
The doors here are really open for you to come and see what we are doing, we are also keeping 100 orphans here at Good Samaritan Children’s Home, some of these orphans are doing well physically and spiritually. We have great needs for us to operate the ministry and people to help us like-
1- We need to win more people to Christ, but we need to have a
proper transportation and some funds, to go to other areas, North, Central and all the Borders of Malawi, people are hungry for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28: 19 and Mark 16: 15 Matthew 9:36-38) to make these program move we need $ 500 a month can take care, Jesus film, gas and diesel) we have already our house tents and vehicles. This is also one way of planting churches. Right now through this way of winning souls, we have reached over 2 million people and 63,450 people are the ones they worship in our churches on each Sunday service.

2- Colleges and Mobiles are really needed for our ministry to do
well. Since we preached to them and started churches in their areas, we need to follow up closely and train the people, right now we go to their areas and stay there for some weeks teaching them the basic things from the word of God ( Matthew 28:19-20) we have seen now many believers in our churches preaching, winning souls, teaching Sunday schools that glorified God and being faithful to the Lord. And God has also called good people here we are working with, they are really doing fine and God is blessing their lives. So because things here are expensive for 2 weeks mobile bible teaching will cost over $ 800. per month some people in the States have seen that this program is working very good, because we can gather the students from 350 up to 500 students with different classes. By end of the year we reach many people and get trained more to reach others.
3- Orphans, I really understand when Bro. Gentry came up with an
idea of establishing an orphanage to keep the orphans, this is so
because when he came in 1999 he saw many orphans, very poor people no food, dying with simple diseases because of no medicines but smiling and being happy when he preached to them. He built one which is holding 100 orphans and another is under construction in Ntcheu which is Central Region. We need a help, but the orphanage in Southern Region which is working now the total budget is $ 6,000 a month that is spend on
1- Food
2- School fees
3- Transportation
4- Sicknesses
5- Teachers and workers (staff)
6- Utilities like soap for bathing, lotion, chemicals
and repairing vehicles.
7 - Emergencies
We therefore, we pray for you everyday that God should touch your hearts to support all the programs we presented to you as Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ. (Philipians 19:4)
May God Bless You All. Pastor Henry Chatada

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